Our day was centered around the aftercare home for girls that have been rescued.  It was a joy to return and see the faces of those that we love.

Many of you may remember the story of the two girls that arrive two years ago on our first women’s justice trip. We have told you of their progress and how they have grown. Both have completed the bold act of testifying in court and telling the truth in the face of their traffickers. They are very proud of themselves…what a long way they have come!  Their paper work will be complete soon for their return to their home country.

We played fun games and laughed with them. They were told about how unique and special they are, how God has made each of them with abilities and ideas and personalities that are their very own. We talked about how when God puts us all  together He is able to make beautiful things happen. Each girl was given a puzzle piece and asked to decorate it in their own way. Tomorrow we will put the entire puzzle together and make a large art piece for them to hang on their wall to remind them and the girls that come in the future that God fits us all together perfectly.


This morning we visited a second location for the aftercare home  that will soon be open in April. It will be able to house 10-12 new girls with hopes of expanding soon. Kingsland has partnered with this home to get the renovations completed.  While the builders worked around us we were able to go in and pray over the building and for the girls that would eventually reside there. We realized that those girls were probably somewhere being abused today at that very moment. We prayed that God would send encouragement to the girls to know that He is on the way.  Because the walls will be plastered and painted soon we were able to write prayers and scriptures on the wall.  We prayed that these scriptures would surround the girls and even though they will be unseen that the truth and the prayers underneath the paint will be  like an echo of our prayers today.

Our plan this morning was to plant a garden at the new location but the building process prevented the ground from being ready for us.  In November I spoke to Little Cypress Mauriceville Baptist Church and told them about the beautiful girls at this aftercare home. The sweet people of the church took up a collection and asked that I take it to bless the home. When I heard about the garden plan I knew this was just the perfect project. While we were not able to physically plant the garden ourselves I was able to leave the funds for the plants with Smita, the director of the home, along with two garden stones that will be placed there to remind the girls that there is hope in Christ and that because of Him they are allowed to dream again.

Tomorrow we return and teach cooking and study skills! But first we will spend the morning with the Hope Of Life children;  these are children that have been rescued from the railways. Our team is doing well and ready for another great day.