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Incredible India! is the current slogan of India’s tourism industry. India first captured my heart and imagination in the Fall of 1998 when I journeyed to the subcontinent to lead a prayer initiative in the Khondhamal Hills in the state of Orissa. Traveling for hours toward this remote region engaged every one of my senses. Every mile of the way introduced me to fascinating sights, cacophonous sounds, unusual smells, interesting textures, and savory tastes. I returned home two weeks later convinced that India was indeed incredible! I was hooked and knew that I would return to this fascinating land again and again.

Over the years, God has progressively drawn me deeper into the heart of India and put India deeper into my own heart. Through these intervening years God has opened doors of opportunity for our missions ministry to construct a boarding school for one-hundred boys from among the persecuted Christians of Orissa, to mobilize volunteers to serve the least of these at Mother Teresa’s homes, to teach on the sanctity of human life, to engage with a slum school, to support an aftercare home for one-hundred fifty girls rescued from brothels, and to engage with various justice initiatives in Kolkata.

Because of the scope of our work in India, I asked my friend and Kingsland member Brenda Debor to serve as our missions ministry’s point person for a specific slice of our work on the subcontinent — women’s justice ministry initiatives in Kolkata. Brenda has a compassionate heart for young girls and women who have been rescued from brothels and who are longing for a new start. She has both participated in and led several of our women’s justice ministry initiatives to India.

I have told many stories about our work in the justice arena in India on my Go Beyond Blog. We have started this blog to specifically post information and reports about our women’s justice ministry initiatives in Kolkata. I hope that you will take a moment to read about our work, to pray, and to become a champion for the oppressed in Kolkata and beyond.

Omar C. Garcia
Missions Pastor
Kingsland Baptist Church
Katy, Texas

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