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  1. Donna
    Jan 14, 2017 @ 10:17:49


    Hope all is well with all of you. I writing you today in hopes that your organizations will host this prayer event. Last year after hearing the Ancient Faith Radio present from Tony Nassiff on sexual human trafficking and that during such events as the Super bowl these victims are even more so repeatedly violated while millions of people participate in the Super bowl activities.

    It grieved my soul so much that I emailed all the churches and human trafficking organizations in the greater San Francisco area to participate in a week long prayer session for the victims of such horrific crimes. I was informed some leaders in the sex trafficking market in San Francisco were arrested and the victims were brought to safety. Thank God.

    My hope is that these organizations will participate in the 7 day candle event of lighting a candle for 7 days and praying each day from January 29th – February 5th until after the Super Bowl is over for abused victims across this world and to end human trafficking in Houston and around the world for the release, protection, and healing of these victims. I would really like to see a unified effort on the day of the Super Bowl to come together and form a circle around the Houston area when the Super Bowl is going on and pray for this cause that a human trafficking spirit would leave Houston and the perpetrators would be caught and bring to justice.

    This prayer event is called, The Light of Christ Illumines. Please feel free to forward this onto anyone you think would like to participate. May our prayers and actions against human trafficking and the abused of this world be the light that illumines a pathway for these victims and their perpetrators to come to Christ to be feed, healed, forgiven, and most of all to know love. May we also be a light to the families of these victims.

    In Christ,
    Donna Marie Fletcher


  2. Karen Jo Vance
    Jan 24, 2018 @ 17:36:41

    Kay, please email me your USPostal mailing address


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