This morning we met with our friends Navin and Matilda who have given a home to children rescued from Kolkata’s bustling and dangerous railroad stations. We have been amazed to see their growth and maturity. Whatever they are teaching and however they are doing it should be packaged and sold. Actually the wonderful children are beautiful trophies of grace and the power of God.

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We listened to Dipnakar who is in 6th grade. With the poise of a preacher he delivered a message to us. He read Scripture and expounded on it like it was second nature. Just three years ago he lived at the train station. He has a mother but she does not care for him. He found a way to get food by working for a man (at age 7 or 8) who made him deliver a cheap grain alcohol to customers. He was even encouraged to drink it. Navin and Matilda took him into their home and now he excels in school and is very happy and healthy.

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This afternoon we had a great time with the girls of the aftercare home. We taught them to cook some of our favorite comfort foods — southern biscuits and gravy and also salsa. Once they understood our version of biscuits (that’s cookies to them) I think they enjoyed it quite a bit.

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After a  class on study skills to help the girls with their schooling we shared storied from the Bible using henna patterns.


Yesterday we had the girls design a puzzle piece that was unique to them. Today we reminded them of how special they are and how God had out them together in this time in this place and we presented the finished art project to them. They were very proud!

Tomorrow we will be in two red light districts doing our famous “spa day” for the women who live there and are working on new skills to get out of the brothels. Can’t wait!

Our team is doing well. Everyone is working so hard and really investing into the lives of the girls. No one waits to love on them, they just do it naturally. What a wonderful representation of how Jesus loves.