Today our team woke up refreshed after almost 36 hours with very little sleep. We were ready!

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We started our day with Ifte, a tour guide with Calcutta Walks. We did a three-hour walking tour to learn more about the wonderful city where we are serving. We learned a lot from his guidance but also just from observing the people. One thing that we all loved was the idea of “adda” or impromptu visits with friends. We stopped and sat on a “roake” which is a porch of sorts. People began to build them onto their buildings or homes in order to give weary visitors a place of rest. Now they have become places to sit and visit and enjoy one another’s company — or “adda.” We all decided this is something we don’t do nearly enough of.

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After a short tea break we headed to our first service assignment. We visited Destiny Foundation. Destiny teaches girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. They teach them to sew, a very sought after and needed skill in India. Our afternoon with them flew by. We made crafts with them and bought some of their beautiful merchandise. Our team practiced our first henna storytelling. We shared that these stories are from the Holy Scriptures. They heard the story of the woman who was healed just by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment and the story of the woman who poured out a bottle of expensive perfume to wash Jesus’ feet.

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To hear stories of women and know that JESUS found them valuable speaks volumes. It tells of their worth and value in the Kingdom of God. We decided a little impromptu concert was in order so Rachael Soroski shared a song and just had everyone in tears. She sang about how God brings beauty from the pain and ashes of our lives.

Tomorrow – Mahima home.

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