In route to southeast Asia…

Our team members are nestled into our “cozy” seats for the next 14 hours (or 17, or 18…ask Brenda, each time she speaks of it the time grows longer). Today is a day that we have looked forward to and worked for. We have plans and hope for things we want to accomplish and we know that God was in the planning. But now it’s all in His hands. We are ready to lay down our plans and move as He leads us.

An important thing that Pastor Omar has taught us when on mission is to go a step beyond being flexible – be fluid. Don’t hold onto the plans and miss the God moments.

So that’s what we are going to do. We will keep our hearts and our eyes open for moments that only God can orchestrate.

Preachy side note – to me:  Watching out for God moments…what a precious concept! Not one that is reserved for a “mission trip.”  I think stepping out of our world and having a committed time to “be on mission” is a blessing. But imagine if we saw people differently as we go about our daily lives….if we looked beyond their faces and asked God to show us the deepest needs of their hearts. Yeah…we’d live a little differently.

Pray for us as we go to work with our heroic partners in Kolkata. Pray that we will be an encouragement to them. Pray for God moments in our conversations as we tell of the one true God Who, unlike any other god, pursues us and sent His own Son to lay down His life for us. Pray that, as we wash feet, create music and art, teach science and tell stories that He will shine through it all. 

Thanks for being “on mission” with us through your prayer covering and the many financial blessings that you have given to make the work possible. It is a true honor and blessing to represent the wonderful people of Kingsland to the beautiful people of Kolkata.