attachment (11)Today started off with our precious little ones at New Hope school.  We are teaching SCIENCE to them! We gave them all tiny little lab coats to wear so they could look like scientists. Today they learned about their bodies and they even made a model “costume” of some of their major organs. The kids loved blowing up their lungs.

Our afternoon was spent at Pastor Rudra and Mita Singh’s home for a homemade lunch of RFC (Rudra Fried Chicken). Hearing their huge vision for the poorest of the poor was very inspiring.

We headed to Sari Bari for our annual “Spa Day.” These wonderful women who have come out of a life in the brothels are so warm and loving. It is definitely a highlight to be able sit at their feet and minister to them. We had some fun with photo booth props and one said she felt like the “Queen of Nepal.”

One of our team members, Danae, shared her very personal story. This was definitely one of the God moments that we are looking for. The ladies sat in complete silence as she shared. When she was done they had so many questions and said that they were so impressed that she would share such a personal story. They said that too many times they are filled with too much shame to share their lives with others. We talked about how God uses their lives and His redemption in them to tell the world about Himself. I think Danae helped them see that they could be  less afraid of sharing what God has done through our pain.

Our wifi situation here is not super great so our updates will come when they can. Thank you for continuing to pray.