synergy[sin-er-jee] 1. the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.

What a day! We all said on multiple occasions, “wow…this is so God.” This team is just packed with amazing, gifted people and I stand back in awe of the talent I am getting to be around! BUT the definition of synergy really fits the description of what happened today…it was greater than the sum of all of that put together….something only God could do.

Our team and the ministry staff started the morning with a worship and prayer time with Bobby and Rachael asking God to reveal how He was working and to make us aware of His great presence that is already resting upon this wonderful ministry that reaches women from one of the red light areas here. The women have become fierce followers of Christ but many still have family and friends in the brothels. Some still live in the same areas they once worked. This ministry not only teaches them a skill but but disciples them to be victorious in the midst of great spiritual darkness.

The ladies arrived and we started the day with a segment we call “Fun With Malory.” We’ll have these segments 3-4 times each day. The ladies play drums, rhythm instruments and even boomwhackers (plastic tubes that are tuned to the C scale). It was so much fun to see them “play” and then all of the sudden realize that real music was happening!

We told the ladies what their week would be about and that they were to remember the words “no fear.” From art to dance to songwriting…no fear…just let God express His story through their bold attempts!

Jacalyn talked about our color of the day, RED, which represented the word Redeemed. She taught how to make a tie dye shirt with a red heart in the middle to remind us of this…tomorrow we get to unwrap them and hang them to dry and see how they turned out.

Karen shared the story Rahab and how God kept his promise and saved her and her family. How he used a woman who was known as a prositute and from her life 48 generations later came Jesus.

Karen also made us all feel like we really were beautiful dancers as she taught the women choreography that God had impressed in her for a month. The song was “Yeshu, Terre Naam” (Jesus, Your Name). As they learned the steps she put it to the music and was brought to tears as she heard the women singing the words as they danced.

Danae made painting look so easy. The beginnings of their masterpieces are drying tonight ready for the cross and lesson that she will teach them tomorrow. After lunch we had a time of worship with Bobby and and Rachael. Heart.Melted.

Bible Art Journaling was next. We talked about letting God be very interactive with His Word and that as they considered scripture and let marinate and flavor their hearts to then express that in drawing…today, water color pencils and sewing ON the actual paper! The hope is after this week they will begin to really look forward to the times that God speaks to them through His Word and that they will have a tool to share that with the neighbors and family.

Bobby began the creative process for the ladies to write a song together. To unlocked a little creativity we started with blind creative doodles….sounds strange but it was so fun to listen to different types and music and with our eyes closed we “doodled” shapes and patterns that the music made us feel. We have no idea what this sonhg will be about or even what it will sound like but over the course of the week it will become clear. On Saturday we will go into a recording studio with our team and record this original song.

Christine began a project that the women are excited about. She makes crosses from discarded used up material and shows how, because of the cross, they are beautiful. The ladies have an assignment as they go home tonight. They be bringing back “trash” and she will show them how to add it to their project to become something beautiful.

It was a packed day and we saw the ladies off with wonderful hot chai and a sweet treat and lots of laughter and hugs. We saw lights come on in their eyes at different times of the day. We saw confidence begin even though they were afraid of something new. It will be neat to see what God will do with five days of this together.

Synergy….it was the only way to describe today.

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