Psalm 107:2 “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story…”

This scripture is the basis for our mission. This is a very unique opportunity and one that none of us can even believe we are a part of. In January I met with Monique Shaw, the founder of Jewels In A Crown, a ministry that reaches out to women in the brothels to give them a chance to learn the skill of jewelry making. As we talked she shared that the women had learned a dance for a special event and how much they grew in their spiritual walk as they went through the experience. Of course, lightbulbs were blowing up all over my brain. When I told Monique that my job at Kingsland was to help people find creative ways to use their gifts to teach people to fall more in love with their Creator. The idea was born.

Fast forward to March…we received the invitation to have a team do a week long worship arts workshop with the women of JIAC. Lots of fun meetings and plans later here we are sitting in the Dubai airport waiting to board our plane for Kolkata.

Through dance, crafting, art, music, songwriting and Bible journaling we will give the women the opportunity to explore ways to express their worship to God. It is also as a chance to give them a creative way to be influencers to their neighbors, many who are working in the brothels. Much more on that as our trip progresses…stay tuned to the blog. But for now….here is the most creative fun amazing team that God has put together:

Bobby Miles is junior high music teacher and a Krava Maga enthusiast and can beat you up.

Jacalyn Miles is a singer and school teacher and is named after her sister’s cabbage patch doll.

Rachael Soroski is a recent graduate, a singer, songwriter and got her start in 2nd grade as “Angel” in the WAM musical “Christmas Crosstalk.”

Christine Reyna has a ministry called Crosses For Missions that makes crosses from discarded materials and speaks fluent Wolof (as long as you are just talking about monkeys)

Karen Adamson owns and teaches at Adamson Ballet School and has close ties to the Queen of England (just ask her)

Danae Patterson is a painter and a junior at University of Alabama and is a “biker chick” who loves her red Honda Rebel.

Malory Waldo is an elementary music teacher, drum circle “expert” and she cannot ride a bike.

Me, I am Kay a Smith who feels like the most privileged one to get to travel with this group…and I think glitter should be a staple in everyone’s home.

Stay tuned!

For more info on Jewels in A Crown