We eat really well in India! We are all thankful for the poofy pants we bring and buy here because we come home a little more “filled out” than when we left. We obviously eat a lot of Indian food, but they also have really good Chinese food as well as fish. I always ask the team to bring some snacks as well, as you never know when plans may change, or we get stuck in traffic, or if you just feel like having a snack on the bus in between ministry appointments.

After 8 fun but grueling, long days, none of us wanted to stop anywhere for dinner. We were all ready to collapse into our beds. We decided to invent a new style of eating that we will forever call “Missionary Charcuterie”. Move over Martha Stewart, the India team is here!

Here is how you create your very own Missionary Charcuterie:

Step 1: Everyone empties their backpacks and suitcases of all their snacks. Dump it all out on the table. Tonight’s options included: kettle popcorn, Jumbo Goldfish (don’t even mess around with the regular Goldfish, this is a special night!), Pop Tarts, pickles, a few oranges from the fruit market, Kind Bars, Cheetos, beef jerky, and some M&Ms.

Step 2: Grab a paper plate you brought for one of the crafts out of that random suitcase in the corner.

Step 3: Build your own Missionary Charcuterie by filling your plate with the most random items you can find! Get creative with the design and layout.

Step 4: Enjoy! But first, post a picture and make all your friends and family back at home jealous!

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