My name is Rachael Soroski, now Smith! I am your guest blog writer for GoBeyond Kolkata today. I have been coming to Kolkata with Kingsland for 8 years. I came with my mom when I was only 13 years old and my heart was captured for the people, the fight for freedom and justice, and the city of joy. I come to give and pour myself out and love on the people but somehow always come back with the fullest heart and spirit. Kolkata truly changed my life.

Today we had the privilage of hosting a “retreat”, a day of self care, for a network of women who are all freedom fighters against human trafficking, women who are true heroes. This group of ladies comes from a variety of non-profits and organizations from all over the city of Kolkata who are relentlessly fighting for freedom everyday.  We connected with old and dear friends as well as met new ones. Our Kingsland team is only here for two weeks and it is admittedly hard and exhausting at times, but these ladies are here everyday pouring themselves out advocating for these women and children who are trapped in poverty and trafficking situations. They are hope bringers, light in the darkness, speaking truth and life into all those they encounter. They are from all over the world, some even learning new languages and cultures, doing whatever it takes to bring freedom. It was an honor to be in their presence today.

Brenda Debor, our team leader, led an AMAZING time of teaching and reflection. She spoke about lies the enemy speaks into our lives but how spending time with God and listening to the truths of who He says we are combats those lies, fills us, and when we’re full of truth there is no room for the lies anymore. It was so powerful and meaningful. We had chai together, ate together, sang together, made beautiful jewelry together, and laughed together. It was a day just for them, to leave their work and burdens at the door, spend time encouraging one another and take a deep breath. It was a time to simply rest.

We have a tiny but mighty team and I am so thankful to be working alongside these beautiful Kingsland women! Continue to pray for rest (our next door neighbors like to party..loudly…all hours of the night!), discernment, unity, and effectiveness. We hope that through us the women and children  we visit we love on feel the love of their Father which is deeper and stronger than any love we could show.