It’s mid-January, one of my favorite times of the year.  Yes, I love spring and the cooler temperatures, and the lazy days of summer, and the “newness” that back to school brings, and who doesn’t love pumpkin pie?  But January means pulling out “Big Bertha” (my faithful suitcase) and my passport and following God on an adventure that He set my heart on eight years ago in the City of Joy.

I have traveled quite a bit in my life and have lived in numerous cities, states, and countries.  Kolkata is a city like none other with stark contradictions and an affinity for noise.  Opulence shares a street with generational poverty.  It’s difficult to navigate the “whys” of this juxtaposition.  God sees them all, and calls us to do the same.

On Monday afternoon, our team of four women will board the plane for an insanely long flight, 15 hours there, 16 hours back…don’t ask me how that works.  I block the flight from my memory until I’m in the air, kinda like childbirth.  Then when I’m in the air I think, “Oh, right….this part.”  We have a six hour layover in Dubai and then board another plane for a four hour flight to Kolkata.

When we land on Wednesday morning, our team will check into the BMS, our Indian “home away from home”.  Kingsland teams have stayed there for dozens of trips and it definitely feels like home to us.  We will pull off of AJC Bose Road (yes, the speaker people), the gates of the BMS will swing wide open, and we will pull in to the sweetest garden courtyard.  The rooms at the BMS are modest but clean.  The mattresses are the thickness of a spiral notebook.  But at the end of the day you collapse into bed and really don’t notice it very much.

We will spend Wednesday unpacking and organizing our bags for each day of ministry, purchasing supplies, meeting with our translators and driver, and preparing for a full ten days on the ground.

Our prayer request today is for logistics, our families and jobs that we leave behind, traveling mercies, luggage, etc.

Our team: Stephanie Blyth, Brenda Debor, Amy Redhair, and Rachael Soroski-Smith