“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank

Our team is made up of people with differing personalities, giftings, and backgrounds. Put together we make up a strong team. Today I want you to hear the heart of each of them.

We served today with a ministry who provides a way for women to make a wage that enables them to leave the sex trade. They told stories of changed lives and the hope of “the stories for which we wait.” I come to India with a desire of sharing God’s love and encouragement for those whose salvation and rescue story should not have to wait. – Barbara Brennan

Words can’t describe what it means to be able to spend time here in India. So much about it is so special to me. Being around women who I consider my hero is definitely on the top of the list! -Stephanie Blyth

It has been a challenge to travel with a group that is amazing and unknown to me. I felt God wanted me to come and two beautiful Indian ladies have touched me with their love of God and their husbands. Each lives a life dedicated to changing lives for Jesus. I loved meeting Anita and Mita. -Ellen Gant

IMG_0187We spent the afternoon with a group of ladies that are still working in the sex trade and living in darkness. To sit at the feet of these women and tell them that there is a God that says they are His beloved? There are no words to describe this honor. I love this country and these people. I want to be so poured out in India that they have to carry me on to that plane. -Brenda Debor

I am so thankful to be able to come back to this amazing country. A piece of my heart belongs to India. I love being able to come back and continue friendships I’ve made and make new friendships that’ll last. I love seeing what God has in store each time we come. -Danae Patterson

There’s something about the people here that won’t let me stay home. How can I stay in my comfort when the need is so great? There are times I feel rewarded and times I don’t but it’s not about that. It’s about saying, “yes” because He has already said, “go.” To be allowed in the presence of women whose lives are riddled with hardship and even danger is one of the greatest privileges I’ve known.- Kay Smith

This trip to India has been an amazing experience. The children are so precious and the ladies are so sweet. There are so many needs and I will continue to pray for the people I’ve met. -Sherry Contreras

We are on our last ministry day here. We intend to leave every drop of love, energy, emotion and strength with the people of this city. our hearts are forever changed.