Our team has arrived.  For many of us there has been about 2-3 hours sleep in the last 36 hours.  Being 12 hours ahead of our inner clocks, we arrived on a Kolkata Tuesday morning. In an effort to reset those clocks we headed out to New Market for a couple of hours shopping and lunch at what has become a Kingsland “welcome to the city” meal at Nazaams.


Nazaam’s – our favorite first day lunch place where we feasted on naan and Kathi rolls (like a fajita – only indian and even better!)


The excitement and readiness to join God in His work here is evident on each face in the sweet attitudes.

“As I was getting ready to go it seemed overwhelming and I couldn’t picture it or make it seem normal. I realized I am working on a team with God. That changed it for me.”

“The privilege of carrying the gospel weighty and I don’t want to take it lightly.”

It’s 5:22 PM and the team has just met to finalize tomorrow’s plan, check supplies and get our heads around the mission ahead.

IMG_2239As our families and friends back home are waking up and getting ready for Tuesday in America we are going to say goodbye to it and crawl in bed for the first reclined position we’ve had since Sunday.  Thanks Kingsland, for sending us. We count you as part of the team as we need your prayer covering in order to accomplish all that God has sent us here to do.