“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  -Helen Keller

A team like ours is a funny thing to think that we can put together ourselves. God knew exactly what He was doing.

Brenda– our strong and mighty leader. You took on the mantle of leadership of this team for the first time and and it is evident why you are the one God had lined up for this. Your passion for the people of Kolkata and your tender heart for those who have been abused and misused are packaged with your crazy organizational skills and love of a good spreadsheet. You have worked so hard for months on every detail. Brenda, well done! 

Barbara– your servant heart is the only thing that can outshine your beautiful, compassionate laughing eyes that draw children, and women alike, to you. Your love of preparation showed people that they were worth the time and effort. Your never-stop-give-until-it-hurts example inspired us all. 
Shirley– your wit and humor are your trademarks (along with the buzzard song). But you took those things and brought joy and laughter into every situation. People leave your presence feeling lighter. But your tender heart is not masked by this- it shines as bright as your smile. 

Kelly/Emerson– I have put you together because as a mother/daughter team you are unstoppable. Emerson, your laughter, willingness to help and sweet disposition were a blessing, not only to the ladies of Kolkata, but to your team. Kelly, your willingness to jump in and help with whatever was needed was a blessing. And together you helped inspire the mothers we worked with. They will always remember you together and will look forward to your return. 

Heather– your beautiful perfect hair in the midst of hot sweaty conditions was a wonder. But your tender heart is the most beautiful thing about you. You listen and hear a need. You don’t just let it break your heart – you do something about it. And you do much that no one ever knows about. You are truly invested into the lives of Kolkata. You’re the real deal, Heather O’laughlin. 

Ashley– anyone that will wake up to workout and choose to sweat for one hour BEFORE we start our 10 hour sweat day is a beast. And your mad jump roping skills- just too much! Your ability to sit and relate to the girls you met came from a big heart. A heart so big that when others’ strength was waining you kept going inspiring the rest of us to carry on. Your laughter and joy spilled over and blessed all who were near.

Sterling– a heart of mercy like yours is easily broken and you could choose to say, “no more, I’ve seen enough.” But you continue to say “yes, Lord.” You pour your love on everyone you meet and you are bold to share the love of Jesus. Your willingness to share the broken things that God has restored not only told of His goodness but showed the girls and the women that they, too, can be bold enough to share their stories.
Ryley– a girl like you can go anywhere and do anything. Your talents are endless. Seeing you own and take on the persona of the woman with the alabaster box was an anointed moment each and every time you shared it. Your story and the visual representation is etched into the hearts of the women with whom you shared it. You are beautiful, Ryley Rush, and watching you serve magnified that beauty even more.
It has been my joy and privilege to see all the Kingsland teams that God has allowed me to serve. Each one with a different make-up of specific giftings needed for that mission. Why God would allow a girl with no super impressive skill or education such a privilege I will never know but I will be forever greatful. India, I am not done with you. You are family and I’ll see you again. Kolkata, we love you.