Mukti – it means freedom.

What do you get when you pull 36 women out of the hustle and busy-ness of life and take them to 30 hours at a beautiful resort.


This particular sisterhood has a common bond: the fight for mukti- the fight for freedom.

On a daily basis they deal with the brokenness of the newly rescued, the broken, abused and stolen. They deal with the reality that a life in the brothels sometimes provides more food than the possibility of being rejected from job after job because of their lack of skills or education not to mention weight of carrying a reputation for which many have little compassion. Anger, fear, rejection, drug addiction, diseases, court trials -all are standard items of the day for the women who have accepted our invitation.

Our invitation is this – come away with us to be refreshed and encouraged. Sit with women who know the darkness you have to battle daily. Talk, relax, laugh and be reminded that you are not alone.

Enter ten women from America. 
We have no expertise in these matters. We have no more spiritual depth than they do and in all reality we are probably found lacking when compared to them. What we do have in common with them is our love for mukti- for freedom. And for these 30 hours our way of joining the fight is to be their encouragers and funnels through which God reminds them of their worth and that their work is not in vain.g
Just like Aaron and Hur did for Moses in supporting his arms so that the Israelites would prevail in the battle with the Amalekites we showed up to be the arm holders. Hopefully our encouragement and help to bear the weight will assist them in winning this fight for the freedom of the girls and women of Kolkata.