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He was there today!  The boy that had our hearts broken just three days ago was there at New Hope School! He met us at our bus and walked to school with us. He had a new haircut. He had that smile that I remembered. And today he didn’t stand on the outside looking in – he came into school and helped with the little ones – the he stayed for his class.

This was isolated today, but Mita, the principal teacher, had gone to talk with his grandmother and he was allowed to come today. I think God has new things in store for him and he will be returning to school more often. This is the kind of thing that encourages you!

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After a great day at the school we said goodbye to all the cuteness and headed for Destiny. Destiny employs girls that have been rescued from the brothels.

Between art, drumming, jewelry making and silly vocal exercises we saw small polite laughter turn into roaring belly laughs. It was so good to sit and laugh with these girls.

Rachael shared a story about the woman at the well and the girls said they liked this story because in Kolkata good people don’t speak to bad people and it was nice that Jesus spoke to the woman.  Kelsey shared her testimony and one of the girls said that she didn’t feel like Jesus loved her “or He would have done a lot of things for me already.” This is the hard part.  How to you make it make sense?  This is where God’s overwhelming love and grace comes in to work – we can’t make it make sense – evil is evil but God is always good. But it is easy to say from this side. When a girl has experienced the kind of pain and probably terror that most of these  have been through – it is something that only God’s Spirit can do.

We poured silver charms out onto the floor and asked them to pick one that represented something from their lives. Just one more way to help them open up and be brave. One chose an angel, “angels protect me , I think.” One chose a clock, ” it reminds me of how time is going from my life.”Another chose a horse, “because it make me think can run with speed through life.” “I chose a butterfly becaue when it starts it doesn’t look good but it turns out beautiful. This must be how I am in God’s eyes.” “I chose a key. My mom used to lock me in the house and I was always afraid.” The last girl chose  heart. “This heart reminds me of a friend in the trade. I don’t know where she is today and this reminds me of her. I think of her a lot.”

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Tomorrow we head to a red light area where women are still working in the trade. We will do a three day art and music workshop with them. The staff of Destiny is doing a wonderful work here to educated the women and help them find that they can possibly have a future outside of the sex trade. The next three days will be just a little icing on the cake. Our work isn’t what changes lives – the work that is already being done here along with God’s power will do that – we just add a little support and encouragement.

Kingsland – the team you have sent is doing great!  What varied talents ad abilities. It is so great to watch how God uses each person. attachment (32)