March 2015

Kay: “So hey, Bobby,I’d really like to help the women at the workshop to write an original song that speaks to the freedom that they have found. Would you be willing to help make that happen?”

Bobby:”Ummm, well I’ve never done a lot of that. But sure!”

Kay:”Ok, well, I’d like us to record it and put it iTunes as their original song and any amount of money made would go to them. What do you think?”

Bobby: “Count me in….The Lord is going to have to put this together.”

….prayers, planning and fast forward to:

July, 2015

Who will join my broken pieces…”

This is the first line to what we are currently calling “Her Song.” Bobby Miles’ face is bright as he sings the melody that God has dropped into his heart.

Monday and Tuesday we began the process of thinking about what all God has done in the lives of the precious ones we are allowed to be with this week. Many lines, phrases and words became a part of what is now part of a song In progress. The ladies decided that they wanted their song to be slow and beautiful.

Today we asked them to reach inside the life of the one who is identified as a prostitute in the red light area. Trying to be sensitive to what could be fragile and “too fresh” we asked them to describe someone else who is living in that life. The words flowed and they had so much to say about the broken hopeless life that “she” faces. I don’t want to give away too much of an unfinished project but I can tell you that God so clearly laid out a plan for this song to tell the story of one brought from brokenness to hope and then to be the “hope bringer” to those who are still there.

The ladies continued their paintings, dancing, journaling and cross projects. Their creativity is really flowing and we are seeing God give a new voice to their grace story.

Jesus set my spirit free.” Stay tuned…