What a fun day!

Today was a first for our women’s team…we did a medical clinc. Brandon, our brave male who joined our team, was an absolute rock star with his easy caring way and vast knowledge of physical ailments and medications! But it was so neat to listen to him not only care for their bodies but he showed the love of Jesus in all that he did.

Heather, our audiologist, was positively giddy at looking into ears and helping so many that had ear pain. She identified 7 with a need for hearing aids…so we are going to search for that tomorrow.

The “restofus”…the ones that have no medical training but lots of compassion and some Doctor Mom experience helped with bandaging and taking temperatures and praying for the people as they came through. This was So.Much.Fun!

The people were so grateful and happy to have care.

This afternoon at 3 we shut the clinic and some of the ladies of the village came in for their regular Wednesday sewing class with Mita…but today they were surprised with pampering facials and satin hands treatments. They felt like princesses.

While their facial mask dried we played a chapter from the Bible on a neat device called the Proclaimer. This holds the Bible in audio form spoken in Bengali. Heather found a group that was willing to supply this for us for FREE to the village. They sat in complete silence as it played….they were mesmerized.

Our team of 8 were joined by those that donated things like the Proclaimer and the facial and hand treatments and those that so graciously supported many of our team. Those gifts have reached around the world.