Our women’s justice team is in route back to the City Of Joy. Kingsland’s strategic partnerships with groups in this city give us the opportunity to join in on work being done to help fight the horror of human slavery.

In the Dubai airport waiting on our final flight we sat and talked together about how this issue is so big; what does our work really do? We recognized the enormity of the problem and how fixing one thing does not necessarily solve the problem, it just leaves a myriad of others undone. So why are we here? What can we do?

In the beautiful city of Kolkata we have found a network of heroes that fight for those who cannot speak for themselves. From rescue to legal representation to education and housing to prevention…it takes so many gifted and dedicated men and women. They are here…they are fighting and they are winning one life at a time. It takes enormous commitment to continue fighting a fight that seems so overwhelming, but they do it. Every day. This is why we come. We join in to support these that bear this burden. We come to work alongside them and encourage them.

We have been told that when our teams continue to return over and over again that it speaks volumes to the women they minister to. It says to them “you are worth it.”

This time we have an added twist…a BOY! We have never had a man come on this trip with us but we finally found one brave enough. In all seriousness, God placed Brandon Kumar in our path at the perfect time. He is a 23 year old paramedic who has a passion for God and wanted to answer His call to go to India to give a month of his life to minister. So he bravely started his journey with us and will help us conduct a medical clinic in the village where New Hope School is located….this is a first for us and we couldn’t be more excited about it! He will continue his work by serving with the Sisters of Charity in Kolkata.

We have another bonus team member from Hyderabad named Carissa…she will meet us in a few hours. She is an English teacher and will be joining us, we are excited about her addition to the team.

This team has been custom designed by the Great Designer….couldn’t have put this together if we tried. Our planning times have been creative, energizing thought sessions where we all leave with our brains spinning and and hearts so expectant that we can hardly stand it. So with great joy we return to the City Of Joy.