St. Michael’s Hostel for Girls has been our home for the last two days. We have conducted a workshop for the 95 residents and have fallen in love with them.  Our team was completed on Saturday as our two dear sisters, Zeenat and Anita, from  Kolkata joined us. They have translated for 10 of our Kingsland teams. We don’t know how to do India without them and their passion for the Word of God and their careful delivery of the words we share.

Melissa took this neat picture of some of the backpacks lined up ready for school. The girls here at the hostel sleep in bunk beds and have a separate room with a trunk that holds all of their belongings. They are very tidy!


 Mary helps the girls get creative.


Jana and Rachael shared about speaking words that you can never get back.

jana and rachael

Rona read a story about a very special princess to the girls.


This morning we went to St. Thomas church. Rachael shared a song in Hindi…something that the congregation never expected. They were very touched that she took the time to learn a song in their language.



Christina shared about Gods plan for purity with the St. Thomas teen class