In the wee hours of this morning our team (and all of the bags) arrived at our destination. We were greeted with glittery leis and a cheerful bus driver.


Kaytlin, our 10th team member joined us from Kolkata. She has been interning with one of our partners there since July. It was a very happy greeting!

We met with our host who has a radio show on Air India. Were were privileged to watch a taping of her show today which will be aired on October 9, the international day of celebrating the girl child. We learned that literacy in India is judged on whether one can write their name or not and that 50% of the country is considered Illiterate. Radio is a very important tool in that it presents an opportunity to repeat things over and over again. The internet and television are not available to much of the population but radio is. Khush Khabri is the name of the radio show and means “good news” in Hindi. The show addresses crimes against women and society’s devaluation of them.

After a good long night’s sleep in our “cushy soft” beds we will head to St. Michael’s hostel to conduct a VBS for 95 orphaned girls.

Our “word for the day” was bivouac- to set up a temporary camp without cover. (See our first blog to find out why you are reading about the word for the day)