Our team is ready and excited to begin our journey to India. This is our first time for our women’s justice team to travel to India’s capital. Our work will be a bit different than what we do in Kolkata, but very closely related.


Our women’s justice team will be traveling to New Delhi and Punjab to work with a partner that is proactively working to champion the rights of Indian girls and women. It has been said that the three most dangerous words in India are “It’s a girl.” Killing girl children just after birth and female fetacide is on the rise in India as girls are thought of as a burden on their families. Rape and violent crimes against women are also becoming more prevalent – a result of the devaluation of females.

Decades of sex-selective abortion have created an acute lack of women in certain parts of India. Traffickers capitalize on the shortage by recruiting or kidnapping women ensnared in poverty to sell as brides. It’s a cycle influenced by poverty and medical technologies, but one that ultimately is perpetuated by India’s attitude towards women.” – Carl Gierstorfer CNN

Our team will be educating teens and young women about the sanctity of life, living a life of purity and approaching the issue of gendercide from a Biblical world view. We will also be conducting a VBS for orphans, visiting the daughters of lepers and pampering women of extreme poverty that are a part of Disha’s vocational training center.

Our team:
Kay Smith
Kaytlin Norman
Mary Whittington
Rona Lee
Jana Soroski
Ruth Soroski
Rachael Soroski
Melissa Crowder
Sterling Greene
Christina Crane

Thank you for praying for our team and following along on this journey with us,

As it happens when women travel together we tend to talk a lot. Our wait in the Houston airport was filled with fun chatter and getting to know one another. A funny thing we found out was that lots of us feel like we need to expand our vocabulary. So we decided that we will pick a new word each day and use it…today our word (from Jana) is perspicacious- to have a ready insight or understanding of things. I guess that is a perfect word to begin the journey.