Today I asked the team to sum up their thoughts about this trip in a sentence. With all that we have experienced on this trip it was a tall order to whittle our thoughts down so small, but here is our attempt:

“A rewarding collision of joy and pain.”
• Brenda Debor

photo copy
“As hope arises darkness hides.”
• Lauren Debor

Cute Girl
“Amidst the darkness the light shines forth like the dawn.”
• Jaclyn Miles

Teaching 2
“There is hope for oppressed.” • Sue Ephraim

“I go because I am being obedient to Gods commands. To be a light in darkness, to be hope in despair and to share the knowledge of the glory of God!”
 • Melissa Crowder

Teaching 4
“I truly felt God among the laughter and joy.”
• Patricia Simpson

Sterling teach
“I am overwhelmed by the open arms of laughter love and hope.”
 • Sterling Greene

“Jesus is here and He is revealing Himself through the smiles of His believers.”
 • Rachael Soroski

Teaching 3
“God’s light can shine in the darkest of places.”
• Jan Moore

“I came to be a blessing but I’ve been blessed.”
 • Cheryl Rothell

“My heart aches to see those who have not yet seen rescue but when I meet those that have I see God’s power to do the impossible.”
 • Kay Smith

Tomorrow is our final morning of work at New Hope. Then we head home. My heart aches to stay but also is ready for the home I love so dearly.