This morning we saw the precious faces of the children of New Hope School — a Christian school in a Hindu slum village. The children there are given a free education and taught about the God above every God. They are taught that there is hope in Him. Education is key to fighting poverty. Many of these children must stop school and go to work or even be married off at a young age.

Story Time
Making Puppets
Girl w Puppet
Sue w Boy
Boy Praying
Our team went through math and reading lessons. These children are so smart and so respectful. We taught them about about Zacchaeus during chapel and even made sock puppets — my personal favorite. We’ll serve at New Hope for two more days.

This afternoon we visited Grandma’s Trust in very center of the largest red light area in India. They minister to women and children (tomorrow we will spend the day with the children). Today was spent with the women — more women than they’ve ever had! Grandma’s is a beautiful home and a bright light in a very very dark space.

We did our usual crafts and games and the ladies laughed and enjoyed themselves. We also repeated our southern cooking lessons. The biscuits we were making were already in the little toaster oven. All was good until the electricity went out. So being the “fluid” team that Pastor Omar would be proud of we FRIED the biscuits. Another new personal favorite!

Slum Path
The day drew to a close and it was dark. It was time to go back to our bus but first we had to weave through the busy “track” of this area. I have been here many times during the day but walking through at night left me astounded and speechless. The streets were filled with men — filled — but lining the sides of the street, there they were…..there were the precious ones, the ones He hears, knows and sees. The lipstick on their smiling lips and eyeliner on eyes that met mine were not enough to hide who they really are. One of the biggest things we pray as a team is that God will let us see people with His eyes. Tonight I did. I don’t think it’s the first time, but this is the time that I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t get to the bus fast enough before the tears escaped my eyes.

One can only pray that they will one day be afforded options in their lives or that they will be rescued from their dark surroundings if they are being forced to stay. I feel so completely inadequate and overwhelmed by the whole issue but then I am reminded that this is why we come — not because we have the answers or can make any kind of dramatic rescue. But we can come and encourage the many (and I do mean many) that are fully engaged on the front lines of this battle on a daily basis here in this city. We can come and remind those that we interact with and those on the other side of rescue that there is a God who hears them and loves them.

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