One of the highlights of my year is the day we get to spend with the ladies of Sari Bari. This has become an annual “spa day” that they look forward to as much as we do.

We began the day in two groups at two locations. We wound our way through the congested streets to our locations. We were honored to be able to do some of the firm’s busy work while the ladies cut, sewed, and  finished  bags and blankets of impeccable quality.

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All of these women are identified as “self rescued” — women who have sought after an alternative way to make a living. Many still are forced by finances to live in the same place they used to work but they are now, because of Sari Bari, able to make choices and plan for a future filled with hope.

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At 1:00 PM the work stopped and it was party time. We shared lunch sitting around together on the floor learning more about the ladies. Then it was on to spa time. A few were still a little apprehensive about us washing their feet but most knew and remembered that this was “girlfriend time” and a time for us to make them feel like a princess, a daughter of the King. We told them that Jesus did this for his friends and now we wanted to do that for them. We laughed, broke out in spontaneous songs, painted nails and toes, made feather hair clips and just loved on each other.

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While rubbing lotion on tired feet I was overwhelmed with emotion and the thought that this is one of the greatest privileges that I have ever had. To tend to the tired sore feet of one that has known hardship that I will never know. To know that this act is just one more reinforcement that what Sari Bari is teaching them is true — that they are beautiful women worthy of love and care. I have no words to describe the deep joy in my heart.

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We shared henna Bible stories about women that Jesus showed great value to; the woman at the well and the woman who was healed by touching the hem of Jesus’ garment. In a culture such as this it is important for the ladies to hear that they are considered of great worth by Jesus, the Son of God!

I’ll let our pictures speak for themselves. Tomorrow:  Mukti Network Encouragement Retreat! Pray for us as we minister to some giants of faith.