Our India team is on the way home. After eight intense long days of work most would probably tell you they’d stay longer if not for missing family members. This trip is definitely not for lightweights.We start early in the mornings and don’t finish until evening. When you throw in the thick smog, body jarring rides in traffic that is virtually indescribable to an American, the sights of families living in extreme poverty and mix it up with the stories that we hear from the girls who are living in after care homes after being sold night after night one could easily want to turn and run to the comforts of home. But when you season that mix with the lovely smiles and precious faces of the children we see, the beautiful servant hearts of the translators we work with, the kindness of women who want to serve rather than be served and the extreme dedication and commitment of those that fight for justice to those the world has thrown away then you can see why we want to stay.

We finished our trip with a day of laughter and fun along with a few tears as we visited once again with the girls of Mahima aftercare home. They listened to stories from our team that reminded them that we are all very much alike…they just don’t always hear those stories and feel like they are alone.

At the end of the day our entire team was invited to the home of a couple that leads the fight for justice in this part of India, we enjoyed our time celebrating all that God did. To sit in the home of heroes like this was very humbling.

We took some time in Duabi last night for a fun time touring the city. First on the agenda was a quick trip to Jumeirah beach for pictures where we saw the most beautiful sunset. Thanks, God, for that beautiful blessing! Then we went straight to the Dubai Mall where a few of the team enjoyed a little indoor snow sledding at Ski Dubai, an indoor snow skiing park. We finished our evening at the Mall of the Emirates for the largest dancing fountains in the world and the world’s tallest building (think Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible). We are now in the Dubai airport awaiting our long flight home. We are full and blessed and thankful to have made this journey together.

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